A highlight from Hour 1: Falling Off


Espn that's inundate. Seven to nine. Three seven seven six. Jeff darlington going to join us a little bit later Over the course of the next two hours get into some. Nfl news and notes things. That are puzzling to me. And maybe they're puzzling to you. And hopefully jeff can fill in some blanks but yo we gotta start in the nba. We've got to write and let me speak for him. If you won't say this publicly. Paul george is tired of y'alls nonsense. He's tired of the trolling. He's tired of the trash talk. He is out here doing things that should have been doing all along right. That's why they brought him there. That's why kawhi leonard wanted him to play alongside so the pg could be playoff p. And in game five on the road and salt lake city without kawhi leonard. Paul george strait up. Palmdale was playoff p. He did what great players do in those moments. He scored thirty seven points. Twelve of twenty two shooting. The clippers scored fourteen points off of his assist in that game including eleven points in the second half which was key. He scored thirty points in three straight games. That's a long history of his postseason career and the fourth longest in the history of the clippers. Play off here but will he be there in game six. If there's no kawai if it goes to game seven in salt lake city will playoff. Pb there we don't know the answer to that question. What we do know though is that he was there in game five. And that was the question about paul george. We can talk about game six tomorrow night. Tomorrow when i'm back here on the mexico lineman show espn plus espn radio presented by progressive insurance. And this is straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. We can talk about what. Paul george may do in game six or what he may have to do. If there's a game seven but right now we're talking about what he did. Do in game five when all. The doubts was on the clippers without kawhi leonard. Going back to salt lake city with the series tied to to the question was. What would paul george do without kawhi leonard. Did he answer your question. Did he do what he needed to do. In your eyes in that moment. Thirty seven points

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