A highlight from Local Hour: David Samson hasn't tasted his food since January


Nba. From the squeak of shoes on the hardwood to the tips of their fingers. It's mesmerizing dance of jaw-dropping downs heartbreaking blocks and mind-blowing steals. It's the most fantastic athletes in the world. Who make your heart beat out of your chest and make you want to jump into the screen and be right on the court with them. That's the nba. That's game don't miss the nba playoffs going on now where we left our homes for the waters of my an. He's show with what the hell are severance pay. We find the pirate flag. Pirate radio with the scipion crew. We got wind in our sails in the sky is blue. There's a devil lombarno so much work to do for the pirates radioo guillermo put it on the poll. What you were talking about right before we went live. Key lime kit. Kat yes or no because guillermo was swearing somehow by the key lime kit kat you stumbled upon it. Where we'll get to david samson in a second but how many details do you wanna give people on a hoarding them. You said it's limited edition so you're telling people hurry up and get as many as you can't i haven't hoarded them yet but i should think about it so i was at like cvs. Walgreens one of those. And i was going to pay like man. I wanna kick at it. And i looked down and i saw like just a special displayed said special edition key lime pie kit. Kat and i said you know what. I like kitty cat and i like a key lime pie but this may have gone too far but it was like a dollar fifty so you know what. Let me try this. So i got one of those. I got regular catches in case akilah. Pike kit kat. The bad taste in my mouth. I got home an impulse. Buy dan bagging my days of retail these to have what they called impulse towers where they had little trinkets and the idea was to try to get someone to just grab a bunch of those things on the way out and it worked with the coupon pike. Kika so get home. Try to empire kit kat. Incredible incredible maybe better than the actual kick. No long lanky lying shocking. David your thought here. On what it is. I'm a taste unseen taste on tasted you would say what what it is. He's alleging they're the key lime pie kit kat better than the original. I would give anything to taste a key lime kit kat but i can't taste or smell anything still so it would basically be just a kit kat data. How long been six months. Yeah so i've met with a bunch of doctors and they've all said that if you still have no taste and smell after twelve months to may be gone forever so it's been. I got covert on january twentieth. So we're coming on getting close to six months. But i've got time i do these exercises where i smell licorice or coffee or garlic or and in about ten days ago i had a little bit of garlic smell and that made me happy but i haven't been able to smell. Are you a picky eater. Well now i'm not. That was what i was going to ask. You could eat essentially anything now that you wouldn't have him before. The ad all tastes the same. So what they say is that your palate may actually change when you get if you get your taste and smell back so i a hate food. Which is olives is my absolute hate food. I will not if it touches anything. I can't eat it and i'm going to try to eat olives. I actually did. I had a piece of vegetarian pizza. Because i still love the texture of pizza and candy. Even though i can't taste it and there was an olive on the pizza. Because i had to get it at the airport the other day and i didn't taste it. What tasty you miss the most. I miss candy. I miss licorice kiss right. I'm assuming right no black. Oh really. I'm i'm an all black jelly. Bean good and plenty is favorite candy. All jesus so the back story of that is i. I used to be small. When i was young and so people in in grade school would take stuff from a because there is nothing i could do about it so what i always chose was to like things that no one would wanna take and no one likes black jelly beans or liquorice black licorice so it became my favorite. Because i would always get it. You're a monster. That's funny back story or not. It's a bit heartbreaking. Actually you've started off in a couple of heartbreaking fashion because what how worried are you that this seems like a dramatic lifestyle. Change to lose your taste and just these cents forever. A tiny monster. Yeah so there. There's a lot of people dealing with a lot worse things than i am. I am quite fortunate. So i don't look at it as anything other than it's just a change. It's changed how. I react to food and the interesting thing is i forget that i've lost it. I'm like Drew barrymore in fifty first dates. I wake up assuming. I've got my taste and smell and then i'll go to a meal and people would say wow this is so good and i'll say god i got a bad batch or the chef in make this disc right today because it doesn't taste good and then i have the epiphany. Oh my god. I can't taste it because what it means. Is everything the same and it just tastes like nothing so it's just plain. Do you like take advantage of this and eat. Extraordinarily healthy foods like away healthier diet than you used to now. I've always been pretty healthy. But i crave the texture. So i still crave the texture of candy and pizza and things like that and i'm training for a bunch marathon so i'm eating whatever i want whenever i want to but no i my brain is starting to remember what tastes are so i can taste like i had a hershey's kiss

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