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Coming up on a tricked into paying after a free trial there ought to be a law in a bipartisan. Group of senators. Want to pass one plus and other attempt at making nuclear fusion work and do we need a block chain for mobile phone bill. This is the daily tech news for thursday june seventeenth twenty twenty one in los angeles. I'm tom mary. Antrim studio redwood. I'm sarah lee lost in texas. I'm justin robert. Yeah roger chan. The show's producer. We were just discussing smart assistance and whether they can help you contact ghosts and also more practical things like how to find out why they activated when you need them to get that wider conversation on our expanded show. Good day internet. Become a member of patriotic dot com slash dt ns. Let's start with a few things you should know. Sony will open up a beta program for playstation five to users over the age of eighteen in the us canada japan the uk. Germany and france microsoft began allowing xbox owners to test upcoming software releases and its insider program since late twenty sixteen. Speaking of microsoft they announced that ceo such an adela has been unanimously voted as the new chair of the company's board replacing independent director and former symantec ceo. John thompson probably forgot thompson was even the chair thompson. Joined microsoft's board in two thousand twelve replaced bill gates as the microsoft chair in two thousand fourteen. Which was the same day. And adela replaced steve bomber. As ceo microsoft will also begin really not it's fluid framework which allows blocks of office content to live independently across the web in microsoft teams. This summer it'll start with a collaborative notes app that sinks in real time with outlook invites microsoft will also update its whiteboard app to serve as a canvas for fluid components russia's lower house of the duma it's parliament passed legislation that

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