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You might have a question. A resident of really. Because there's plenty going on with the greeley city council joined the sporting by greenlee mayor. John gates mayor gates. Welcome back to the show. How you holding up with all this heat. It's warm gail good morning with you. But i don't like the snow so i try not to complain about the heat too much but i do complain about the snow if i never saw it again. I'd be lying there. You go there you go. Well you know it is going to get a little bit cooler. We do have that to look forward to say a little bit cooler that means in the nineties which is better than triple digits. Ninety one cooler. That's a scary thought. It we're all going to be breaking out our winner gear clubs because he'll shelly right. Yeah lots of stuff going on with the city council Let's start with the fact Tommy would rights and biz west and prairie mount media that the city council approved unanimously. A proposal to rezone more than forty acres of property in west greeley. Let's talk a little bit about that. As it clears the path for future development. Sure so there's the buffs forty acres out by promontory promontory on us three or four bypass close to the new the new fire station and There's not a designation for the land right now. The problem with owning is that some of it is commercial and some of its rose central high density And they want to kind of combine no so that it won't future development so this was actually zoned back in the mid two thousand For an imagine school at a chartered institute wanted to build a school out there and that didn't happen so it's already titled that way but the fact is we don't know what developers developers will put in there but between the developer. Zero city staff We sort of got the word that we need to rezone that so then it will make it easier for future development and that the area is ripe for future development It's a reasonable growing this because we have room to grow west so this is kind of a win win with regard to getting folks up to to To explore what they may want to build out there. Hopefully it's commercial not more residential but Whatever it goes out there we'll take it and then we'll support to our infrastructure and you know it's been said it's you build it. They will come while they're coming anyway. As we're seeing a considerable growth not only in greeley but throughout northern colorado throughout the state. I might add but yeah land Certainly tucked come by yet. Definitely is gail and you watch those median. Home prices like a hawk and Ours is creeping up. Those are neighbor so of course. The housing shortage is a whole nother. Subject it's not just your colorado nationwide. But our our median home prices still roughly a hundred thousand western neighbors for collins and with that it's going to stimulate growth come to really get quality home. They about one hundred less feeling doing in any of those other communities. So that's a certainly an economic development enhancer also on the city council approving this non exclusive franchise to allah communications to bring fiber internet to the city. Wait a minute. didn't we have this conversation. I know it's different but didn't we have this conversation in the past Basically you and this is after the city of greeley declined to pursue municipal broadband internet. So this is different and And don't think you're the only one s connect question gail. I've had it since tuesday night. But so what. The city before was a public private partnership to bring about municipal broadband. And you know. I started out initially thinking if we don't improve our bandwidth. We're going to be left in the dust. The city eventually After a number hearings didn't think that that was a good investment and It was really expensive and we turned it down and and could not be more happy that we did since. Kobe hit directly after that. So this is an entirely different prospect and the public private. This is a firm at an imperial nebraska. Aloe communications Core coming in and doing this on their own. So this isn't a public private partnership what what are residents have said through surveys is that they want some competition with their internet services and this will give it to them. It's it's not an attempt to push century winker comcast town At all it's probably going to give them some competition but more importantly than the competition is going to give our residents the opportunity to get Broadband internet whereas they haven't had four. So it's a long process. And i think you mentioned deal. The contract is not dow. Others may come into play for a franchise. They're company completely able to bring it a crew of people stall five throughout the city Eighty five two hundred voiced tuesday destroyed. Again it's kind of a win with city but more importantly to win when you are projected timeline on that process. I don't have there probably is one gail. I don't i don't have it at my disposal on it I can tell you the meaning. Tuesday night at time didn't come up you know. It's it's not quick but But will you. And i'll be around to see it.

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