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On the goodyear hotline. The big news today that you may not have seen yet that will impact the rest of what we're going to see throughout the course of the nba playoffs. Kawhi leonard. looks like he will miss the remainder of the clippers series versus the jazz sources told. Espn's ramona shelburne. And brian. win horse. We'll ask raimondo about this in just few minutes. She will join us. But leonard expected to miss this game. Five with a right knee. Injury could be out at this point indefinitely. We have no idea for the remainder of the season. What it means remember. He tweaked drive late in the clippers. Game four victory which tied that series at two games apiece. He was not on the clippers injury. Report tuesday but as we stand right now. It looks like it's paul. George is going to have to lead the clippers if that can be done but that's not the only big news as also we've seen the news from phoenix suns. The chris paul has the nba's and safety protocols and is out indefinitely so at this point that jeopardizes availability for the western conference finals source confirmed to espn the league's rules. For corona virus related isolation periods have evolved throughout the season But at this point we know that he has been vaccinated and at this point. We don't know if it will result in an absence. And that brings us to some straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. We've never seen a playoff. We've seen this year. Never when you talk about the number of injuries when you talk about the number of stars that are missing games at some point you have to look at it and say we are getting a far different product than we ever could have imagined coming into playoffs now. We don't know at this point if chris. Paul will miss anytime but as we sit right now. Leonard will be the eighth different. All-star missed a playoff game this year. That's the most in a season in nba history. Think about that because so often we sit back and we say that. The nba has a predictability. Problem doesn't this year. you can't predict anything. We can't even predict who's going to be on the floor. The question is does it. Make it more interesting and i want you guys to chime in triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six. You can also tweet me at jason fitz easy. Get me there if you're an mba. Die hard do you love the opportunity to get to see other people rise if you're an mba casual. Are you more interested in the playoffs because it doesn't have the same brands associated with it. Because these are real questions that will impact the rest of what we're going to watch throughout the course of this playoff you think about realistically what we expected coming into this season. We expected a year ago right now as we were talking about the bubble we were saying. You know what this is going to be a stranger but next year next year the lakers are going to get it done again. The clippers are going to be great and brooklyn. We'll have it all handle. Well what have we seen. Yeah we'll get into katie. And what he did last night. Trust me we'll get into that but realistically what we've seen is total chaos. That chaos comes from injury at some point. Yes the young stars in this league. And i feel like we do this every couple of years right every couple of years we look at it and say let's make a list right now of the best players in the nba. Under the age of twenty five and then the great analysts will all come in and the health of the game. The health of the game feels better than ever right at that frequently happens and we've done that exercise again this year and you look around say man the young talent. I mean the jaws. Zion's it's so easy to fall in love with some of the young players. You're looking at phoenix. So where we really paying that much attention where we paying enough attention to the young core for phoenix until cb three got there. The answer is no so. I'm curious from your standpoint when you're watching the game you more into it by the way that's just the beginning of so much. nba news. I do wanna get you caught up. Espn sources have told us that stan van gundy out as the pelicans coach after only one year so just talked about zion. And what that means. Well obviously there's gonna be a new coach. Coming in scott. Broke out his wisdom. Butch after their contract talks broke down so all sorts of coaching news happening across the nba. And to give them. We'll get into it in a few minutes with ramona. But i look at these playoffs. And i see an opportunity for the nba. I see an opportunity for the nba to get more stars involved. Because i would argue for a lot of do love to watch the game that there are so many good players that we don't pay enough attention to but realistically they gotta have their moment to shine other people have to get out of the way like there has to be some sort of a passing of the torture. Some sort of a moment like trae young beating. The knicks wasn't a moment. Trae young sure shing spike lee was a moment get that and all of a sudden people that may not have paid a lot of attention to trae young or the hawks have something to fall in love with playoff. Success is a legend banker. So now there's an opportunity. Obviously for guys like andrei eight to go in and have their legend made again. We'll get into it a little later but we saw some legendary stuff last night for guys to come in and have the platform the opportunity. The question is does he get you more into the game because realistically you're going to hear a lot about ratings now i'm going to go deep dive for two seconds on this conversation. Everybody talks about nba when nobody talks about is where mba consumers actually get their content. You know one the properties. I'm really lucky to be involved with it. Espn is sportscenter on snapchat sportscenter on snapchat couple million kids every single day that watch it and they're watching individual highlights of mba players. That is we have studied the metrics. We've seen it through and through their watching individual highlights of players. They love mba highlights. Fax kids are consuming it differently. But we're going to hear a big conversation without that context about ratings when we end up with the final that is different than most people thought we were going to get so the question is much like we say with the nfl.

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