A highlight from Ep 439 | How Do We Avoid Being Lukewarm? | Q&A


Hey guys welcome to relatable. Thanks for being here. Another prerecorded maternity episode. Where i will be answering the questions that you guys sent me on instagram okay. This is a question that i love. And i get these kinds of questions a lot and they just they make me really happy and they remind me that god's work and we said this many times on the podcast doesn't make headlines it doesn't reach pew research and gallup surveys but it's still happening and this question is i don't want to be a lukewarm christian anymore. How do i begin this journey and stick with it and guys. I get this question all the time or get questions or messages saying. Hey you know i used to hate what you had to say about religion and christianity or i found gio through an influence or that was negatively talking about you or your podcast and i wanted to hit on you to and then i ended up changing my mind or i read your book. Can i change my mind about this or just messages. From new believers are from skeptics. That are sincerely searching. I get those messages all the time. And if i just a random person with a small relatively small sphere of influence compared to you know i'm big name influencers commentators and theologians. If i'm giving those questions. I have to think that other christians are as well and that's god he's always going to continue working. He's always going to continue pursuing he's always going to continue to seek and save the lost as he says that he came to deal. He's always going to keep looking for the lost coin. And rescuing the lost sheep and running towards the prodigal son and you'll hear it from the washington post and the new york times that christianity is waning. That it's dying out that it's antiquated that. Christians are the cause of all of our major societal problems. And our our biggest inhibition to success in progresses country. You'll keep seen how it is less safe less popular less lucrative. Let's trendy to be any form of a christian. you'll see people latching onto something. That vaguely looks like christianity but is really more secular social justice activism. You'll see teachers denouncing their faith in walking away in the name of faith d- construction. You'll see all of these things happening and yet god is still moving. God is still working. God is still changing not is always and will always be in the business of changing hearts of stone into hearts of flash and he doesn't need the media to cover it. He doesn't need to trend on social media. He doesn't need the approval of of edgy youtubers. Who thinks that they have that they have the indo- be all questions that take down traditional orthodox christianity. He doesn't need any of that. The fact of the matter is is that god is still calling people to himself as he has throughout history. He will continue to do so until he comes back. And rules in perfect peace forever and ever and evil disbelief has no more no more power and no more influence over the universe. So this person. I don't want to be a lukewarm christian anymore. How do i begin this journey and stick with it. Well first of all it is god who works in you both to will and to work for his good purpose. That's what philippians one tells us. That were to work out our salvation with fear and trembling but it is god who does the work in that. He is faithful to complete the work that he began in you in. So if you by grace through faith believe in christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you feel this quickening this desire inside you to read his word and to seek him and to pray and to

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