A highlight from GSMC Soccer Podcast Episode 224: Portugal vs France, Spain vs Slovakia, Germany vs Hungary and Sweden vs Poland games highlights.


You by the mc book guest network. I am your host mica. Today we are talking about the european champion. Seve that it's going on right now. I for you guys. That know the brown just finished so we already know the teams that media through on the teams that the so for this first sick men of my podcast. We gonna talk an ally. Still the recent games happen for example. Spain birds whose Slovakia or to gorgeous france or germany beige hungry and then we also will analyze Sweden vs poland on day games hopping on saturday june. Twenty six that were etling versus out here and wales bears then mark so Now let's start analyzing the games so for as we are going to start with. Sweden pursues pop for you guys. That are no sweden poland. Spain and slow can't work in the same group before this game happened. Sweden was first meaning. Got here was most likely going to go into the next round and then spain poland. I believe poland was second and then he will Spain and then it worst stuck and back yet so For you guys are no polin tied against spain and beat Slovakia and then versus street in a day ceiling brazil poland and with three to two in favor of swinging and the first goal was scored by sweden and he was score in only a minute at twenty six minutes after the game. Start which is absolutely crazy. Honestly these tournament i would say is there has been so many. Does that had been scored in the first five minutes of the game now coming. That is so uncommon on we to happen. Sometime is just crazy. That is going on is happening right now. You would think like some teams. Obviously the group rounds everyone place. You can have like really great teams like for example portugal france and germany that they were in the same group but also you know italy higher regret groupers. There was no really competition there So you know it just. It's random so you never know what's teams you can get to does like likud. In a minute. Sixteen of the game. Something gracie happened bowling. Had two chances of scoring it was a corner full on one of the the first player. hit the ball with his head on e heat the corner of the net And then the next one that he was leaving dusky also he the ball. We've his head and also it went to he'd the post off the Goalkeepers area like the net The goalie so it was just crazy because they had an amazing opportunity to tie the game by. They didn't do. they couldn't do it. Because the ball. He deposed both times. When all heats the post you can see how mad it makes the players because they know that. Oh my goodness what if i would have done something differently. Why if i would have you know he'd the ball like lower or higher is just like a lot of things. Go through your mind. Supplier the lead but is used exiting. I didn't feel the first four five minutes boiling hot a lot of changes of dining. It's not easy to start a game. You know only like two minutes went by and they arrays court like your opponent core. There is so hard to blade with like. It's just it's not only that you're losing on you if let's put the let's say this. If bolan like having the game they would have been out of the competition. So that's why point wanted to win no matter what if sweden lost they would have not been out but they would have struggled for sure Yeah i think. I actually know they would have been out. I believe so-called day. We're not not sweden would have gone through asia's note as i in group which you want to go first Through the cloth time polling was industry like their defense percent mason levin. Those was an incredible job at trying to score and he was just insane. How many opportunities they missed when you see these i. Ucla team that is trying. You know like scoring every change they got you got something that's going to happen and you know that they are gonna win in the mid fifty eight sweden's corrigan So it was two zero at that point and this is crazy. 'cause polling booths use like hitting the ball like they were like trying to score and then sweden took the took them by surprise ending. Like less than two minute like it was such a fast play. They didn't even think art they like started running to. How was it like the area in like three to four passes. Day score minutes. Sixty poland did an incredible will passed on lindsay. Able to score for me one of the ghosts of the competition. It was not only a good like it was just amazing. It was a great great pies by his teammate. And he was able to control the ball thing book was willing to do on dry to make it better for the ball to go inside the nerd on. It was just such a clean great goal. This type of goals are living those skis. John of course. I would say he always tries to score this way and i know whites because it works like he's us good minute. Sixty nine seventy sweden voice almost on score through the third goal but they were asking. The one player from poland hit the ball with his arm but the referee said that he was involuntary and that therefore they were not gonna go at peanut the or anything like that in the mid eighty three poland score again and he was living dusk. You could see how for me. This is defense reaction. Is i think I think levin those ski wars not indy. It's it was difficult. Because when he received the ball there was no one like it was just came under goalie meaning that he probably was in the position. But if you think about it before he hits the ball They are There is a street in player that it's closer to the gali linda skis sadda- probably the referee thought he was mixed heating right position which is completely fair and they call counts and like i was saying for me. Debased think what these game was. Poland's fans reaction like they were just crazy. Just not crazy. Oh say happy to see thirteen winning on normally like almost making a comeback. It's really difficult. Like i said making a comeback win. You are losing from the first two minutes of thinking like it's really hard to put your mind inch like into the game but poland dated when everyone saw that you know disco was going to go to sweden was able to score the third goal in the minute ninety three. Yes she gets heater right. D ripley added five more minutes into the ninety minutes on big. Dr was able to escort in the minute ninety.

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