Imagine How Pure We Could Be Without Instant Feedback



I was watching an elvis presley documentary on netflix yesterday. And i think it was bruce springsteen who made the observation that elvis's early stuff like he's really really early stuff was truly special because it was pure and it was free at that point. He hadn't really heard himself on the radio very much and so he wasn't totally aware of what he was doing and how he was sounding he wasn't self conscious about it but of course as he hurt himself more he starts to analyze that more and review his performances more. And so you lose that spontaneity. You lose that purity. And what i found interesting about that was that we leave today. In a world of instant feedback and we sort of think that instant is good that that constant analytics of the data that we've got is great but maybe if you take the overtures example. Maybe it's actually holding us back. Maybe it's actually preventing us being pure us. And i think there's probably something in that

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