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Tap more studio morning trying out because i read article that was talking about. If you wake up in the night well you should do. Because i probably wake up in the middle of the night with five work nights three three times a week if i sleep all the way throughout wake up shocked like wow and so what i do now if i wake up at one am i get up. I go have a little bowl of cereal. Walk around they a little bit. Oh gosh what they say you're supposed to do because this is what i do. I wake up and i'm like to miser open. I don't go back to sleep for at least an hour. Just laying there. I'll work a little bit so now it's like okay. If i'm going to be awake for sure an hour i'm going to get up and then be somewhat productive and i just sit. You're staring at ceiling and i tried to keep the tv off because they don't want to wake up. I don't get my phone. Because i know that there's a big ball of fire out of my hand. It could also wake her up. So now i'm just gonna i'm getting up and it was good. We'll have me a little bowl of special k ads counter. Strawberries pretty good. Oh got on the internet. Read some news stories for today's show folded down when lay down fell back sleep all thank goodness yeah. I was awake for about an hour. The same would have been had. I not but this is what i'm going to. I'm going to get up when i'm awake just laying there staring at the ceiling our report. Now it's going a little grumpy today. That's why the internet said this. Not a doctor. No the doctor on the fan. Like some sorta sleep study. They were like hey. If you're waking up tonight get up. You're going to be awake anyway. If you know you can't fall back asleep get up. Take your mind off struggling to fight yourself back to sleep for to do enough up. Talked to you guys about this too. If i'm like on the edge. I need to go to sleep. I can make myself go to sleep by counting down my body parts that i i do it to fall asleep. Sometimes the first time it never works ruined going back to sleep but night of my head is in. My mind is racing. I'll go okay. Well goes down here wigwam a little bit ago or macos. They're tired they're going to sleep all right. Top feet top and feeds tired. I will go all the way up to the top of my head. Almost never do. I get the top of my head before i pass Sometimes if i just don't have it in me. I think i told you my favorite top ten chicago cubs moments of my life. Top ten arkansas razorback players. And i never get my mind. Just we'll slowly stop racing to put me to sleep so but that's where counting sheep comes from right. It's just something to do to stop you from thinking about what you're doing this keeping you awake. But i'll let you guys know a month or so my experiments going okay. All right all right good luck. Thank you appreciate that. Let's go over and open up the mailbag gain a this is a question we've kind of had. Hey bobby bones questions how earliest too early for mowing the lawn. On saturday morning. I was thinking about starting at seven. Am before it gets too hot. Here in texas seventy. I'm too early to start mowing on a weekend during the summer. Thanks t w barfield. Here's the thing. I do think it matters where you live. I think if it's going to get one hundred and ten degrees you got to beat the heat. It also stink. Someone's mowing seven. Am you're trying to sleep. The factors are heat. And how close your house. Is somebody else's right next door and it's really really hot. I think eight. Am the time if you're right next door and it's not that hot kind of temperate nine. Am the time. I do think seven two early to early hundred percent i would. If you flip it completely and could you do like evening mo or maybe can't maybe he's got maybe he has plans. I know but i'm just saying if you pick a day where it's like later because then guy it does start to get hot pretty early. We've all lived in texas. A lot of you guys grew up there. yep seven. am if you're awake you wanna get mowing because it gets really hot. This is what i would say being in texas. Twu barfield. i'd wait till eight. If you're anywhere else. I if you're in iowa i'd say wait till nine but eight o'clock is probably when i'd say it's okay to go. We all feel good about that. Pretty good it. Also houses further apart than someone else's affects too. But some houses are right next to the next one arrays asking for like people that live in his house. I guess i ultra my kids. Thank you that email. Twa we're going to go in. Texas eight am about midway through oklahoma nine. Am once you get to north dakota nude. You can wait all day. You're all because i get

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