First Case of Delta-Plus, 'Double-Whammy' Variant of COVID, Detected in Louisiana


Of the highly contagious delta variant of the corona viruses circulating across the country. It's called Delta Plus and was identified in Louisiana for the first time this week through genetic sequencing. Selena CHAT Lonnie reports from the Gulf States newsroom, the CDC says the delta variant is likely going to be the dominant strain in the U. S by the summer and now there's a genetic mutation of this variant. Louisiana Public Health Officer Joseph Cantor says it's too early to tell whether Delta Plus could be more dangerous, but says there's even more pressure on the state to get shots in the arm when just over 40% of adults in Louisiana are fully vaccinated. I have a lot of urgency looking at what Delta has done in other countries. I think we're going to have a little spike in cases, Cantor says. It's unclear whether the state will have to mandate masks again. But that it's a possibility for

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