A highlight from Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson Team Up Again in The Match; Media Mocked Wuhan Lab Questions; John Cena Apology Fallout; Kyrie Irving Lying About Boston Fans


In the history of mankind and the media. Lie to you for one reason. And one reason only they had to stop the evil orangemen. We will talk about that today. And more on. John seen the worst the biggest grovel her in the history of mankind. John cena my my newest follow on twitter by the way kyrie irvings coming back to boston and he's lying about boston fans. Why won't austin team owners. Why won't the bust in media. Defend the fans. Why do they take the side of an a-hole like Urban ask that question once again brady. Tom brady and phil mickelson. Versus aaron rodgers and bryson d shambo. Would you rather watch that or the nba finals. We shall see. And i ll ask a question. The big question of the day of colony and turtle boy who have Opposing views on. This should i get vaccinated as it. Easier to just get vaccinated ores visa to live everybody at airports and restaurants when they ask We'll get an

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