A highlight from The Traders Journey: Building Your House


Testimony today from a course member from two thousand eighteen high craig. Congratulations and achieving your goal. I've also achieved my goal. Basically use the method you taught at your workshop found v. w. m. i. Set up to be thirty at thirty to be very good friend to me. Thanks to you for my family. I now have total financial. Freedom changed my. This could be you as well take the plunge get started a visit. Try to now giving putting welcome to the cryptic podcast. Look i wanna do a Another tragedy journey at the side Today the whole reason for it is that it's the tato it's gonna be seen as a journey a lot of people coming into this thing that you know they're gonna make quick box and look congratulations to those. That did Often what we see. Is that get rich. Quick schemes. you get in quicker. And we saw that throughout the two thousand and seventeen boron where many people didn't take any prophets or enough prophets which became piper wealth tuned into nothing and now that is left holding these bags of whatever it is holding hoping to see them. I go back out not the facts. I believe that most of these markets are lotta these markets. Sorry that in that. Low mach probably won't recover and They might have had the opportunity of a loss tonic. A few hundred thousand tens of whatever the number of my bay and that opportunity may not represent itself once guy because a lot of these projects quietly go bankrupt so would that requires a little bit more understanding of course and many of you have been listening to this for quite some time. A numbers continue to increase in. It's some it's been really experienced what you will go on the what you guys are aware of. This stage is that there is required. You do need to put the work in and it does. In fact take thanh you say the try is journey is a series that are put together here over a large amount of time but the actual journey itself is more. Like how do i put this. I mean and it's like building a house or climbing mount everest when you building a house. Talk about laying bricks if you consider the house. Martin made a half a million bricks. Now when you laid the first brick you not thinking of the next half million breaks because that's not the way to build a house.

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