A highlight from 2598 - GOP Stale Spending Talking Points, Investigating Barr at DOJ, & People Power at Fossil Fuel Companies w/ MR Crew


Tender a joke of counteroffer on the infrastructure. Bill while republicans are set to filibuster the idea of a january sixth commission and while the gop fears grow over a twenty twenty four trump. Run what they have to do with the biden. Doj's fighting to protect bill bars. Meddling in the mueller investigation top doctor in japan pleads for the tokyo olympics cancelation climate activists take steps or take a step forward in fording on mobile's relentless pursuit lighting the planet on fire by nepean reverses trump's secret science rule democrats in both houses and across the party push for expanded governor government healthcare insurance. Biden's name the. I slate of ambassadors next week including la mayor garcetti. To india and the transportation security administration announces that pipelines must inform the government when they suffer could file that in. How has this not already been the case folder. You may have around the house all this and more

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