A highlight from Matt Siegel, Boston Radio Legend, Storms Off But Was Back On-Air Today; Demi Lovato Comes Out as Non-Binary; Ben Crump Joins Monica Cannon-Grant For Digital Press Conference; Joe Biden Flops and Gets a Little Upset


Toronto gallon podcast while the mob comes for everyone eventually and yesterday they came for matty siegel boston radio. Legend who Apparently said cross the line when he talked about demi levato we will Tell you What happened with mattie and we will do. We'll try to talk about them levada without making fun of They without ridiculing they and we will Admit it's kinda hard to do. We'll give you the latest on mattie. We'll tell you what he did. Today's when it came back to the studio what he said. Dd apologize will get an all that also been crump. Came to town will virtually anyone to join the mob. That is That is accusing a bunch of kids. Much young children in up content of lynching the friend. I don't think it's working for ben and his crowd and joe biden attempts to To do a ronald reagan in front of the coast guard academy graduates into what is bell went about as well as you'd expect when joe biden tries to a channel his inner ronald reagan didn't didn't work. We'll play that sound and

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