Canada Vaccine Panel Recommends Against AstraZeneca PLC for Second Dose

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Another changed to guidelines in canada for the astrazeneca covid nineteen vaccine as dan carpenter. Chuck reports. the country's national immunization committee is recommending. That canadian health officials stop administering that vaccine. In most cases the committee is recommending. That people who received a first dose of the astra zeneca vaccine. Now get an m. r. A vaccine for their second dose such as pfizer biotech or moderna. The recommendation takes into account the latest evidence on the rare cases of blood. Clots leaked to astra zeneca and the increase in the number of emma vaccines arriving in canada. Canada's chief public health officer dr theresa. Tom says the most recent studies suggest. It is safe to provide a mixed dose schedule. Tam acknowledged canadians may be frustrated by the changing guidelines but health experts are working through a fluid health crisis that's consistently changing for npr news. I'm dan carpenter in

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