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Number eleven rest in christ third quarter two thousand twenty one daniel. Duda or opening prayer will be by. Larry your gracious lord. We thank you for the sabbath. Thank you for a time to step aside from all the brazenness of his going on around as we discussed the topic today longing for more may we in our hearts long for the right more and may we were with each other and helping to fulfill your mission of burning more egypt. Rights name we laymen and larry for when you hear the title longing for more what does come to your mind. The first thing that came to my mind ed to do with material things. And that's just the way things are in my life and fortunately salad helps me balance that off. Yes so it's part of human existence that people want more remember. The famous joke was the difference between someone who has got a million dollar and so on who has fifteen children. The one with fifteen children doesn't want more so if you look on the number one. The less some defines its purpose. Scripture itself is full of miniature modell's of activities institutions that all point to larger heavenly realities hebrews four help scour on these realities it is relates to the biblical question of rest by before we go to hebrews four under number four. It speaks about what is alluded to in our memory text and then it speaks about the sanctuary and the rituals and the sacrifices of the sanctuary. So here's the question. How do you speak about heavenly realities if all you got is an earthly language. How are we going to talk about heavenly realities if all you got available just earthly language and as you know earthy language depends on the times and culture of people aware they are so to zoom as a verb means something else in twenty twenty one than it meant ten years ago. You need to on mute. Something else in today's society the global pandemic than it meant ten years ago moses or jesus or ellen white do not speak about cellphones or space shuttles or personal computers. They speak the language that they do less than number thirteen. We will speak about heaven. I'll remember heaven is just a medieval metaphor because the future checks stents is very much bound to physicality and the new heaven and new earth. It's very physical form of existence. So we'll cover more on that one cherry. It seems to me that god has been trying to translate what heaven is like all of these years. us where we are and tries to help us understand as much as we can absorb or hold about how good it's going to be and i think much of that is about relationship. The more we get acquainted with him and know how trustworthy he is and how great he is the more we will understand what heaven is going to be like. And the more we grow closer to each other in trusting loving relationships. It's a bit of heaven early and that helps us understand. I think what happened is going to be like so will the future existence future reality is going to be like. Let's go to the memory texts. I gordon dense ten. Six says these things to plays examples for us that we might not desire evil as they did every time i try to teach future pastas how to spend the bible one of the first things that we need to emphasize to them is that the bible was not written for you and you can be pretty sure that to be blogging to quote the texts to you back and say actually these things place as examples for us so it was for us so terri can you read first gordon dance themm versus one to eleven to see what police talking about in first gordon dense then and so pay attention to how do we speak about heavenly realities about things of god's kingdom so that we benefit from it to an all we've got is the language of exodus of a historical events that have been thirteen or fifteen centuries before christ before coming here. I do not want you to be unaware brothers and sisters that our ancestors were all under the cloud and all passed through the sea and all were baptized into moses in the cloud and in the sea and all ate the same spiritual food and all drank the same spiritual drink for they drank from the spiritual rock that followed them and the rock was christ. Nevertheless god was not pleased with most of them and they were struck down in the wilderness.

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