A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/14/21--Weekend Recap


June the fourteenth six one four. It's my dad's birthday. We had a. We had a six one four. Try come in the other night. Made me think about him. He's to always bet six one four for his birthday. Five one eight for my. We had a five one eight twice now. I think it grants pass this meat so feel like the six one four is more liable to happen right because there's more six horsfield than racing than there is eight horsfield these days but so i suppose he's supposed to hit a little more than i am but Happy birthday to my old man would have been sixty seven today. lots to talk about. It wasn't the busiest weekend in terms of like you know huge grade one type action. Of course we just had one of the biggest days of the year last week and so it stands to reason that most of the top horses and stuff and i could be around but we did have some good racing we had some of course mandolins return in the monmouth. The stakes will talk about that a little bit later on. you know. He's your potential kentucky derby winner. Lord knows how that's all play out. I think he'll be. I mean if. I guess i would think that it'll be him. That's promoted to win. But you just never know i saw. They had like trial stuff. I didn't watch any of it with baffert the other day and like broken vials and i mean who knows the stuff is just going to get more and more crazy. So but you know we'll talk about me and loon we'll talk about Downs after dark the churchill. Downs a saturday the mid july the feature on the card Talk a little bit of an and santa anita and the rest. I went to To emerald on thursday for some live racing. I think i would talked about that on friday show. That was going there right afterwards and it was a lot of fun. It was I'd say you know. I've been going to obviously working at grants pass and we've had pretty decent crowds Not full but decent because we're only allowed a certain percentage of admission but you know like probably five to six hundred folks. Been showing up on the monday tuesday nights and with a really small grandstand. That feels kind of half full. But and i was expecting with emerald running on thursday night. I guess i was expecting less people there. But and it wasn't packed by any means but it felt crowded enough to where there was a buzz and there was a an excitement and there was people there who were regulars. I ran into a ton of people that i knew people say. Hello people saying congrats on the tampa thing and did it. Low interview with joe with the in the paddock which was a lot of fun to see and talk to joe. All that was great. Saw our longtime friend of the show carly equa bay was hung out with me most of the nights i get sit with her and watch the races it was. It was just a really fun night. And like i said it was this good. Mix of you know regulars but also you can tell a lot of new folks as well. They had kind of vaccinated section where you could just sit with only vaccinated people and no mask and everything but if you were vaccinated you could. You didn't have to wear your masks anyway. But i have a feeling that even to people who aren't vaccinated are not wearing their masks anyway and so it's pretty much you know just like normal walking around like it used to be with you know a couple of little caveats and i guess you know more Plastic on the teller. Things you don't spit at the taylor while you're giving your bats or whatever but it felt very pre twenty twenty which was Nice and in fine. And i'm sure in some ways like healthy right. I know when we were first after. I was vaccinated. Had the two weeks. And everything like. There'd be a few things in oregon where i could go do that. You know you didn't have to have the mask and you'd be around people and it took me a few times of doing that before i wasn't like aware of every person that was close to me and all that so i don't think that's a healthy way to go through life. Obviously we did it because we had to do it. But hoping that that is is coming to an end and i i definitely noticed myself feeling just a little bit more safe about being around especially in the vaccinated section obviously but You know i think a lot of tracks will probably have kind of this quasi mostly open but not quite fully. When i say open i mean you know just some restrictions of some sort for another little bit here and then hopefully everything Kind of just goes back to normal. I don't know if it ever goes back. One hundred percent but we shall see our friends would buy that reopened. We'll talk a little bit about that in fact Coming up this week. I should tease our guests. We'll talk to the head clock and morning winemaker. Woodbine ernie perry going gonna join us on the show. We'll talk about opening weekend. Talk about the the march. Two opening and Just his career in racing. I think he's got a couple of of interesting job. So we'll talk about You know his life in in racing and woodbine. Dr milan side gonna join us to talk about his five thousand. Th career win pretty remarkable achievement for gerard You know that's that's pretty esteemed company right. I mean

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