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The call in the NBA and ESPN radio and, Yeah, the final score. Not indicative. How big of a blow out this was the final score. 1 25 1991 a place in favor The Milwaukee Bucks. I expected a long series. I also said that the Bucks have lost Game two tonight. This series is over. They might have gotten one in Atlanta. They would not have gotten too. They might have gotten Game five at home. But then it had been done by Game six. If they were down to nothing in this series. I'm not saying they would have mailed it in, but they would have had absolutely no confidence. Nobody. I mean, Yannis. I mean, you holiday Chris Middleton that coach Mike Budenholzer. Nobody because they would have succumb to that pressure. They succumb to the pressure losing Game one. You're not out of a series, but if they have lost the first two games at home in this series No one should have, like their chances, not a soul, not even bucks fans who may have all the faith in the world and even bucks fans would not have had that kind of faith They treated tonight. This game, too. The same way the Clippers treated Game three last night against the Phoenix Suns. Both the Bucks and the and the Los Angeles Clippers treated those games like was a Game seven. Because they both knew man. We lose this game we're done. If the Clippers of lost Game three, they would have gotten blown out. It would have been a rapping game for they would not have had anything left mentally or physically. The same thing. The Milwaukee Bucks they treated tonight as if their season was on the line, and it was had they lost this game because as confident as trade you and the Atlanta Hawks have been Being road warriors. They have won six road games out of nine so far in this playoff run, getting to the Eastern Conference finals. If they had gone up to nothing, they would have been like we ain't coming back here. We might come back to visit if we got family Milwaukee, but we're not coming back here. We're going to take care of this team and have them out of the playoffs by Tuesday night. That's how the Bucks Plate not saying it didn't play that way. In Game one. But they really play that way in Game two because their season was clearly any line and they acted like a team that has the talent and he played their talent. Not saying he didn't play that way to in Game one, but they allowed them so the part of the trade young show and they didn't get any starring roles. Tonight. They were the leaders on the stage. They were not the understudies in that play down in Milwaukee. Congratulate Bucks. Now we got a series between the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen. Going forward. You know, the trading is going to bounce back for the first terrible performance we've seen from him in the playoffs. During this run. He's had games. We have not played well. But tonight in the worlds of Charles Barkley terrible. He was just terrible all night long, and the bucks played on that and made him work for it and made him even more terrible. As the game went along. Yeah, honest on the other side was not terrible. He was forced from the beginning, and everybody said Yep, That's our leader. That's all dude right there, man. We follow his lead, and this Atlanta Hawks team is not going to have a chance in Game two. And maybe even going forward in the playoffs. Phone numbers there If you hang out with us and weighing about Game two at triple H, say, ESPN 8887293776 and on Twitter at Coleman, ESPN, Trae Young Had a terrible performance. Trae young. Tell us what happened. I mean, I take complete responsibility for what happened tonight, taking I will be better at it. So it's really just they just up their physicality night and we gotta do this man. Trade Jones. A lot of things stupid is not one of them. He laid it out perfectly. This is on me. Know what I'm told to do the basketball. I got to be better than that. And yeah, give them a little bit of credit. Have they changed the game a little bit. They flipped it on me a lot. Alright, tip you, captain them. Busted in the month of 48 10 in Game one of this series. I did my little shimmy and got on People's last nurse Tonight. They flipped the script. Alright. Alright, well, they got one game. We got one game we're going. We're going to see what was in Game three. You can ask anything better from the future leader of not a current leader of the Atlanta Hawks right now, he said Nope. Wasn't anybody else's fault? All mine? Put it on me. If I'm going to be the leader, when things are great, then I got to take all the bullets. And now is that come with it when I was not even terrible. He was worse than that, Especially in the first half. When it comes to trade young. He clearly understood that and he owned. It didn't make excuses, then point the finger to say, you know, we win As a team. We lose the team. He's like, Yeah, we win as a team, but tonight we lost because of me. And it's not 100% true. He didn't help. But it wasn't totally his fault. Plenty of guys, we're not playing defense. For the Atlanta Hawks tonight. When you have your dude. When you have your start, saying Mm.

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