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H which is also announced to be their final season the rookie a million little things and the connors all for season for the goldbergs for season nine and home economics for season two of that list. I'm excited about the good doctor came back. I really still love that. Show so much and happy about black ish and i'm totally okay with that being the final season because they've gone through a lot on that show and i think they can do really well with just final season of how many episodes it will be and they'll tell a great story district close things out. I'm happy for that. And a million little things and the connors. I still very much enjoy. The goldberg is going to talk about a little bit later. I'm still enjoying that one. Even after eight seasons. I am curious to see how far they're going to take this now. That adam is going to be graduating high school and going into wherever he's going to go and the other two are also adults. How long can they stretch out the story. But they're still. I'm still enjoying it moving on to. Cbs be positive in the united states of al have been renewed for season two over on fox. Call me cat first. Season two nine one one and the resident for season five and nine one one lone star for season three nbc. The show is renewed. Were young rock and keenan for two seconds for season. Two days of our lives for season. Fifty seven fifty eight and law and order organized crime first season two very happy to see young rock and keenan recall. That are renewed. I very much enjoyed their first seasons. And i think they continue to get better as the seasons went on i was little concerned about how keen inserted out. I mean it was good but then it had some clunky moments in it but as the season went on i did get better and young rock. Continue to get better. And i know rick also really enjoyed young axes in one. So he's excited about that as well and days of our lives getting picked up for two seasons as pretty great two years more of that show. I stole as the only soap. I watch anymore so i'm really happy about that. The cw has renewed sterile for season. Three that's ahead of season two even so that's exciting and kung fu for season two over on cable and streaming mayans mc for season four on fx invincible for seasons two and three amazon prime. When calls the heart versees in nine on hallmark. After a fan outcry over an untimely cancellation santon. I don't actually know how to say that name has been renewed for seasons two and three on. Pbs the eight pert. I tv series based on. Jane austen's final unfit finished novel. Made its stateside debut on cbs in early twenty. Twenty however you that him look forward to that coming more. Your way amazon. Prime has also renewed the fantasy series the wheel of time for season two as production on the upcoming first season wraps in the czech republic. It's not good news for everyone. We also have a whole bunch of cancellations as well starting with abc call. Your mother has been canceled. After one season rebel after one season for life and mixed ish after two seasons and american housewife after five seasons. The only show on that list. That i watched was mixed dish which was decent night. I'm sad that it's not gonna continue. But i'm okay with it. It wasn't the most fantastic show ever especially now. That black ish is ending. That connection to the show is going to be over. It would have been nice to have that continue at least one more season to have tied to blackish. But i'm okay with it. I really hope that the kids that are on that show just are fantastic stars because they have. I hope if they go on to great things 'cause they are all phenomenal actors. Very sad about rebel. Even though i never watched it. I know that there is a big fan base for it and katie seagal. Having her own show is always phenomenal. I'm happy that show be able to appear more on the connors. Now that's been canceled. Now does a regular because she didn't wanna be regular on that show but i really wish something better would have happened for that show because had good potential from when i heard i never watched it over and cbs the unicorn. All rise have been cancelled after two seasons and i really enjoyed the unicorns. I'm sad about that one. But at the same time it means that my robinson can now be on the connors which played out in the finale. Because she's coming back to the show as regularly being seen in the show whether she's going to be a regular or not i don't know but at least she can go back to the show that that launched into sitcom world in a in a big way because she's going to retiring from The army from the military and not going back to afghanistan so being there more for her mother and being there more for her daughter and husband a not missing out on everything that happened in the last season as she was recapped on but the unicorn was a cute show. I'm sad about that. But i'm also okay with it and over on fox prodigal son has been canceled after two seasons and that was a big fan outcry over that i watched a handful of episodes at very beginning but it was just not for me over on the. Cw bulletproof is no more uk. Broadcaster sky has cancelled the police procedural filing multiple of sexual harassment leveled against series star and co creator. Noel clark on april twenty nine th. The guardian published a report in which twenty women came forward to accuse clark of groping harassment and bullying and taking in sharing sexually explicit photos and pictures without their consent at the time. Clark denied the allegations. Can you really deny it. After twenty people come forward. I get so tired of hearing things like that. According to variety which first reported the bulletproof cancellation a four season. Consisting of eight episodes had already been commissioned in january after the allegations came too late. Several options were considered to continue bulletproof with outscore among them recasting his character but sky ultimately sided. That clerk was too heavily intertwined in the prediction to move forward. The show served the cw served as stateside home for bulletproof. All episodes were scrubbed from the cw website ncw seed on april thirtieth. One day after the allegations emerged. Its final episode. Aired emerged twenty-ninth honestly. I've never even heard of this show. So the fact that it's not on anymore is not really relevant to me but i wish that things like this would not happen to people.

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