Kansas City Chiefs Have Laid the Foundations for a Great Future


Tell you the other team. I'm excited about because a complete overhaul. Their allied is at kansas city. Kansas city out was bold and released both of starting tackles from the previous super bowl. Which i think was not popular at the time. But they continue to show that they had a plan and they went out and they were aggressive in free agency You know they got the deal. Done for orlando brown. The added a tiny All of a sudden you got joe. Tony orlando brown at end. They drafted humphries in all of a set. You sign kyle. All of a sudden. Trey smith who many people thought was going to be a first a second round fail to you in the sixth round because of medical. And you start to look at the competition now and there's gonna be a very competitive in rooms with a lot of talent. Their own iram intriguing and the factor with all that talent. All that competition in ally room is that they got one helluva coach. Andy acts that. It has a tremendous track record development. Getting the most out of off its alignment

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