Grow Yourself: Leadership Thought of the Day


So what kind of an investor are you welcome. Today's leadership thought of the day brought to you. Lose your lifestyle podcasts. I'm not talking about your personal finances. i'm talking about. How do you invest in your team. There are several ways. You do that. You think about a savings account and a bank pays very low yield. You're not gonna get much out of it. So do you play it. Super-safe not really doing investing. What about mutual funds long-term diversified stocks. That give you good return over a long period of time or the hit and miss stocks where you might think it's hot stock or or even bitcoin. You know flavor of the day as far as investments. Go and the can't really invest in your team like that you really have to be purposeful. An think much longer term much more like a mutual stock. And when you do that day in day out. The trust builds teamwork builds. Everything comes back to moving the team forward. So today's leadership thought of the day brought by the leadership is now podcast. Grow yourself just a little bit more.

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