'I Was Afraid': Prince Harry, Oprah Discuss Mental Health


The Duke of Sussex tells the Associated Press returning to London for his grandfather's funeral last month triggered feelings of anxiety Harry the Duke of Sussex has been open about some of his struggles and is taking part in a series on mental health with Oprah Winfrey on apple TV plus in the AP interview he says he was able to use coping skills he learned in therapy to get through prince Philip's funeral last month and being back in the media spotlight I was afraid about it but then going through the motions to lean on the toolbox hello Jean all the learnings that I've that I've that I've grown from one of the policy it does definitely made it a lot easier but the whole store bought still pounds he says it was his wife Megan back when they were dating who convinced him to seek the help he needed to deal with royal family relationships and the death of his mother princess Diana I'm Jackie Quinn

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