A highlight from 481 - Selling Shame


Look you should have a luxury situation in your house or i should be luxuriance. Waste of beautiful magical place and one of the number one way to do that. It's with nice towels and bedding situations stuff. Yeah i'm talking about brooklyn brooklyn and was started to create a beautiful high quality home essential line that didn't can cost a bunch of money and man. They've done it. They cut out the middleman. They just get you a top level quality luxury bedding bathroom stuff towels robes lounge. Wear it got it all. I i've white sheets and not a weirdo like gareth. I don't use black sheets. And he's white sheets and I love. I love sleeping in them. A little walk around the robes is a lot of weird stuff going on here but brooklyn is so confident in their a products that they come a three hundred sixty five day warranty joining in this house right now. We got the towels. We got a robe situation. I rope we comforters. And we got the sheets. It's over. this place is packed. it's like. It's like a brooklyn showroom at this point. And i love

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