A highlight from Tom Brolley: 2021 NFL Rookie of the Year Odds


Tom welcome to the show. Yeah i got the whole wall representing iron city beer on the wall. I got all my penguins and steelers and pirates stuff so i represent pennsylvania. Well here you live in central pennsylvania right. Yes are you from central pennsylvania. I'm originally from like the altoona johnstown. Like right not alert. I lived up in wilkes barre for a stretch of time donna philadelphia. I was actually in reading for the one summer reading eagle so i i'm mr pennsylvania. I am well traveled across the state. But the point is is you grew up in altoona johnstown which is one hundred percent pittsburgh fans on on absolutely. Maybe you from like living in the harrisburg the harrisburg hershey air. Say really pittsburgh across the board. It's all pittsburgh penguins. Pirates steelers were ninety minutes down easter on twenty. Two there from pittsburgh so i. It's all pittsburgh all the time in altoona johnson areas. Got okay. So let's talk about rookie of the year stuff. Tom well first of all. Why don't you just dive into do fantasy. Points dot com. Everybody's obviously familiar with joe. You can follow him on twitter at tom brawley. But you do more of the betting stuff right. Yeah i do that mostly during the season. I you know i look at lines and totals and spreads and props and even before the season. I'll dive into the season win. Totals all the player total's gone into the year Draft time doing draft props. That's my main focus. But i my background is also in fantasy sports. So i'm helping joe out with our You know the stock watch. Do the waiver wire every week. So i'm well-versed but i'll probably like seventy five percent on the betting side and twenty five percent on the fantasy and sees long style. Gotta but really joe. As i said like we dive into some of these rookie of the year odds. Yup they're also on some level just the fact that the sports book puts these. I doubt there on some level giving you some indication of the type of season. These skill guys are going to have and should be factored in some way shape or form to how ranking these guys where we're taking them and season-long best ball and dynasty. Well i actually think. And i think this might be more of a rookie season. Prompts kind of kind of discussion when you bring that up

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