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Yet I don't get it, but I get it. So what do you think of this? 1 800 to 831 Oh, 1.53 19, New Jersey Fast traffic. Couple of slow spots on the New Jersey Turnpike. First of all, both ways on the Western spurred 16 w on the crowded side. Then there's some kind of debris spill on the truck plane sales before he did 13 watch for that in the center lane. This reported sponsored by Panera Panera. Dinner is hot and ready to, Sir. Bring home Pinera's cheesy flatbread pizzas. Toasty sandwiches are creamy Mac and cheese would deliver your pickup availability and pricing may vary. Parkways a little bit slow south at 1 30 to 1 to 1 31. We're doing well on 27 from 78 right down to 4 40 improving conditions on Route one North and Edison near parsonage Road crash has been cleared. And the traffic around nine slowing down a bit coming into liquid. Likewise, words 70 West from the parkway up towards New Hampshire Avenue, Tom Rivers, New Jersey traffic North Elmira, New Jersey traffic self governor. It looks like we have some delays right now on the Garden State Parkway on the South Beach on side right at the top places in the Cape May area Traffic is also going to be a little busy for you at the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the Ben Franklin Bridge and also the Commodore Barry Bridge, all leaving New Jersey with Right lane road work that is set up. So we have road work on the white horse Pike and that is on the westbound side, right by white Horse Road sinkhole. AP happened this morning and we have some emergency road work that needs to happen in the West Windsor area. Clarksville Road is shut down between Craig Coverage and Meadow Road and that's for the daily roadwork. I think every 15 minutes Next

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