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In the district. He's found in Southeast Southwest Freeway if you're coming in from Virginia across the 14th Street Bridge And slow crash number one winds up before the third Street tunnel. Everyone landed on their wheels, No rollover, but the response on scene and then slow beyond it to go out in the 11th Street Bridge in north onto 95 crash number two before Pennsylvania Avenue is still blocking the left side in Maryland on the outer loop of the Beltway in your university boulevard. The crash getting towed off the right side that would involved a pickup at a car hauler at a couple of cars audit. On the outer loop. The right side is blocked. University Boulevard westbound on University Boulevard into Waitin slow to an Amherst Avenue and Georgia Avenue single file past a work zone interlude volume from the Georgetown Pike and the Legion Bridge into Maryland and then slow eastbound to silver spring and slow and stretches college park through greenbelt toward land over the crash on the bill when you're ST Barnabus Road remains on the median strip. 95 of the Baltimore Washington Parkway. No major incidents reported this hour. But we were slowed last hour North bound north of Fort Me because of a crash beyond 1 75. Hopefully, it's clear in Virginia, the work zone on Georgetown, Pike reported near Scott's run just west of the Beltway. You were alternating past the utility crew westbound on 66 near the Dulles Connector crash reported on the left side. Loudon County Routes seven heavy and slow through Lansdowne between Clayborn Parkway and Belmont Rich Road. It's a car on its roof and only one lane getting by the right both Based on Virginia route 7 95 South, a very slow time of it from Franconia, Springfield, Dale City and New Crash reported New route 17. Falmouth North down Slow and stretches from Quantico on north toward the Beltway in Springfield. Ready for the Great American Road trip fit small dot com Has your next ride at Fitzgerald, Mazda like the fuel efficient Mazda C X 30 visit Fitzgerald, Mazda Fit small dot com Today, Dave Golden w T o p traffic Well,

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