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The Trump Administration separated thousands of families under policies meant to deter illegal immigration to the United States. What is the story of one of those families today? It's morning edition from NPR News. Coming up. We hear the family's traumatic experience in U. S custody and how they are working to get past it. I'm Steve Inskeep and I'm Sarah McCammon in Europe. President Biden is mending fences with allies ahead of his meeting with Vladimir Putin six months ago, California was the epicenter of the covid pandemic. Today, it's lifting restrictions and opening back up. And we'll hear the audio diaries of healthcare workers as they share their thoughts and feelings from the front lines of the pandemic. It's Tuesday, June 15th Courtney Cox is 57 years old. The news is next. Live from NPR news. I'm Korova Coleman. President Biden continues meeting with European leaders in Brussels today he's expanding his push to gather more allied support for a united front against Russia and China. Biden explained his views after a meeting with NATO leaders on Monday. Russia and China are both seeking to drive a wedge and our transatlantic solidarity. We're seeing an increase in malicious cyber activity. But our alliance is just strong foundation. Which we can our collective security and our shared prosperity can continue to be built. Biden travels to Geneva Later today he will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin there tomorrow. The House Judiciary Committee will investigate the Justice Department's efforts to surveil some members of Congress, their aides and families and some journalists during the Trump presidency, the agency subpoenaed Apple to get their private records. The House committee chairman says investigators need to learn if this was Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court to reinstate the death penalty against Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from member station GBH Mary Blake reports. The request is at odds with President Biden's stated opposition to capital punishment. In its brief, the Department of Justice said the 12 conscientious jurors determined capital punishment was warranted and that determination should be honored. Last year, a three judge panel ruled that jurors were not questioned properly about pretrial publicity and vacated Tsarnaev's death sentence. The Trump Administration appealed that decision to the Supreme Court last October and the Justice has agreed to hear the case in the fall. The DOJ is latest filing contradicts Biden's campaign promise to eliminate the death penalty at the federal level.

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