What Does AI-Enabled Work Look Like?


Sapir glad to have you back with us. And we're talking about serving approach to thinking about ai that actually a little bit different than we've covered on previous episodes which is to say. What is it day in. The life like of someone who's able to be a enabled in their job. This important people need to know what it's gonna feel like what changes in. Look like an understand that beginning to the specifics. I'd love to get a sense of what a business user is you. I know you think about two main types of business users may be particularly though. That's a good question. A good starting point as well. And we'll i there's a lot of discussion around. Wear the business analysts. The future is what they're going to look like right eating from an educational perspective but but really we think about someone who is a subject matter rex again. It could be someone who's in a marketing al's say it'd be someone who's in supply chain logistics business auction subject matter expert and then someone who works with data on a daily basis right. Maybe they used typically data already to make decisions at this kind of your your prototypical. Serve of that persona if you will raise us in our predictive capabilities.

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