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The fifteen seconds guidance been journal and nine technician sequence spence nets three to four or five space nuts. Bill good who once again. Thanks for joining us. This is the space knots. Podcast episode two hundred and fifty two good grief. My name's andrew dunkley your host joining me again and as always is professor fred watson astronomer. Large red eye andrew. How you doing. I am fine thank you. I'm very well. Thank you good news with a paper out and things of that so oh yes yes. I finally finished the entire process of getting. The book organized the type settings done a spellcheck has done the whole proof reading processes over. I think it's been proof. Read three times and then we got it up to the publisher. We got the cover. Everything's ready and it will be released on. May the thirty first in paperback. This is the hitler paradox and will available now if you want to download the book now. But you're gonna love this fred but we got everything. Done everything checked and yesterday. I just thought. I'll just see what's going on. It's it's popped up on amazon. In less than twenty four hours of being sent to my distributor extraordinary it usually takes a wall. Let's austrailia and in at amazon dot com. And i thought. I'll just have a quick look and say how it all sort of came up on on the interface and reading. I think there's there's a spelling error in the very first center. Never saw it never saw now once or it. I can't be bothered fixing cost me twenty five dollars to fix one letter. I'm not gonna worry about it but it's out there. It's got rather a striking cover. And again i say to my brother stave for coming up with the concept. It is Miss it it's it's it's quite in your face but that's what i wanted because this is a story that centers around three three or four years. It's it's going to go all over the place in terms of time. Yes it is time travel story but the basis is that in the twenty two hundreds time travel is a reality. The united nations of the twenty to thirty in which is where the story starts has decided that We're gonna use this machine to right. The wrongs of history. And the first thing i want to fix is the greatest travesty humanity in that he's the holocaust and i decided the only way to do that is to kill hitler before he became a somebody and of course they file and when they file. It awakens new and more horrifying enemy. And that's basically the story. It's a race against time between what the people of the two thousand two hundred are doing against the enemy. That is in the future and they have to deal with it in the past. So that's how it all turns out and fred last week i read a post because i did sort of preemptive Notice on facebook that the book was soon to be released and someone said are great cow white to heed to read the twist in this one and i thought better think of one arabia the in good. So it's it's out there. It's ready to roll. Have look for the hitler paradox. you'll find it. It'll start to pop up in more and more places will be nola regulate bookshops online and ultimately in bookstores. But yeah let me know what you think. And yes i do plan to put an audio version of just get around to recording it. It's a big job and lot of hard work. And i hate editing. Which is why like podcasting. Because we don't worry about that kind of thing. We thought that aside. Let's talk about today's show and we talk about that. We've been talking about mars a lot. And the the rover that nasr's put their perseverance in the end. Genuity helicopter but now it's china's turn. They're about to land probe on mars and send out their own rovira. So we'll talk about that. A new form of aurora has been discovered. They just happened a few times. Recently fred in discussions they found this all dotted. That were reviewing and went. Oh hang on a minute.

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