A highlight from Introducing Here Comes the Break, a new podcast from Double Elvis

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Man. I gotta get out of my head and pay attention on this. My translator thing. I'm all worked up because it was coming up tonight. yo ruben. you've got this this going to be huge from iheartradio. Def jam and double elvis. This is here comes the break. I even got a secret. Identity on the podcast. I go by his stage. Name mask on. Sounds like you're on that miles morales. You're the most interesting new kid we've had in years strange. Have a local celebrity status. I think he used to. We got a very interesting invite in the. Dm's there is a message from viral. Villa is how la this rented by a bunch of content creators. And i've got to live by ruben. Where were you tonight. Don't lie to us. Young man wanted to discuss your name. Now you want all the credit on the let this viral fame. Good your head. After all my talk myself up i could feel it evaporating into an anxiety attack by the second okay. Let let me stop it. I'll put in my ear and force myself to focus on something other to myself doubt ready. You're not comes to break starring santi black danielle perkins here comes. The break is a mix of music discovery and storytelling. You've never heard before here comes. The break episodes one to drop may thirteen here comes. The break is produced

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