Casper Sleep (CSPR) Reports Q1 Loss, Tops Revenue Estimates



Year after their first quarter loss was smaller than expected revenue in. The first quarter was higher than expected and this was looking like it was going to be a really good day for shareholders and it has not turned out to be a really good day for shareholders a pre market. The stock was up close to ten percent it reversed course. It's basically flat right now. A start wherever you want. But i'm curious what you see when you look at casper sleep so generally positive things chris. I haven't listened in on the call. So i don't know what management might have said to kill the enthusiasm. They created with this earnings report. This is a tough industry. I am a big fan of a company called sleep number which is a competitor of casper. Sleep casper sleep is starting to impress me a little bit though. Well let's work through these numbers and then we'll talk about the stories behind them. So as you mentioned revenue increased. It was up twenty percent to one hundred seventy eight million year over year. They're direct to consumer revenue so this includes their retail stores and their online sales that increase eleven percent but north america retail partnership revenue. This increased fifty four percent. So what is this. This is casper. Sleep selling through partners. Like nordstroms ashley. Store sam's club. It is gradually getting into really great venues to sell their price point of mattress. Which isn't super expensive. I thought that number was great. The other thing Which is

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