How Your Own Experiences Can Inspire Others

You Are The Media


If you want to inspire of us looked yourself and ask your getting out the whole process of content creation from my side. I think if every new initiative experimental can learn from sharing why discovers. I'd give a loan when you immersing yourself in something it helps to have a platform from which you can aerate and explain your own trial era. Success and understanding. The reason i do this is to give myself a clear. Review of the present for instance when we started our zoom shows with you the media online in march twenty twenty i believe we could create productions not just weapon us and as the pandemic tightened its grip those who are already creating content found. They just keep going well. When we launched you the media in bristol. we filled pob. And how did that happen because initially when the event was first announced we had to six people book on and we found ourselves having to cancel the event another reason is that as we delivered the first hybrid event in july. I shed how i thought. This format could work for businesses. Would you block or share audio or video. It's not just about attracting clicks shares and engagement and achieving an uptick in awareness and reach. It's also a way of sharing your own learning to check back in with yourself and help abbas benefit from that. It's not about sharing successes around product dates or self congratulatory messages of client or award. Wins thinking through taking a scrapbook approach of frigging figuring things out in plain sight having a place document but also knowing that you're not always going to get it right is important. It doesn't always have to be about who is reading watching listening. But your own goal of creating and charting break. Foods and realizations

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