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My three witches. Once upon a time in a squat stone cottage on the edge of an enchanted forest there lived three witches. The trio looked so much alike that the nearby village thought. They must be sisters but that wasn't so the truth is if which is lived long enough through their magic and they're brewing and their general style of hygiene they all ended up looking more or less the same which is to say they looked like handsomely dressed old women with wisdom in their smiles and danger in their cackling is they were old and as witchy as you would like with warts and tatty hair and flowing robes of twilight black. They even had the point. He hats but those were only for special occasions. The witches names were brune fell shah salon dra and fabiana but everyone in the village. Just call them the witches and left it at that. Of course the village claimed to not like having the which is so close but words and actions are often very different. Things the is found to that every week someone would slip off to their cottage in the dead of night begging the trio for a love potion or a magic wand or a cure for mud route. They'd happily sell them some things and refuse them others but it helps them maintain an uneasy. Truce the witches. Were happy to spend most of their time studying. The magic of the enchanted forest and everyone in the village was happy to spend most of their time ignoring them. Everyone that is except for beanie. Beaney had grown up in the village as an orphan. She never knew her parents and was raised on stories of magic and monsters and dragons and witches and the stories about witches had always been her favorite for as long as she could remember. She dressed up in old curtains and stirred flowers in a big bucket. She called her cauldron. The adults took notice and warned her to stay away from the witches and the enchanted forest. But she didn't listen as soon as she was old enough to slip away on her own which was still probably too young. She made her way through the forest and to the witches in their squat stone cottage fell joie salon. Dry and fabiana were stirring a cauldron of their own inside the big pot. The potion was beginning to glow shining brighter. Red with every scrap and rhyme are new to make bubble graveyard worms for dirty double twilight t for toothy trouble and a sack of haunted rubble. Beanie shouted appearing from nowhere and throwing a bag of crud into the bubbling cauldron. The potion turned from a rosy red to a putrid. Purple exploded out of the pot. Whatever you john shrieked brune fell ya. Well i'm helping high pitched to that's breaks said sandra you poured bricks in our. Stu wanted bricks. Said beanie in a spooky voice out go home now slobby said and chase the girl from the cottage her tinkling laughter disappearing back down the trail. That was the first day that beanie visited the witches but it was far from the last every time she could slip away from the adults in the village she would make her way to the stone cottage on the edge of the enchanted woods. But which is always told her to leave but beanie knew they were just fooling around of course. They wanted her help. She'd even given them the fun nicknames of bruni solely and fabs which they loved hey bruni hey solely what's up fabs. She said dropping roughly in from the window. You left the door locked again honest mistake. I'm sure hey what you make in. Please don't call us. Those names said fabs or vob. Yana were busy with the dark arts. Here trialed said burn fell. Well i can help. I want to be a witch to. I know how to stir cauldrons and catch. Newts and i've been working on my tackle. Oh please please go home wing. I wasn't done okay. Now do sondra snapped chasing beanie back out the window. See you soon. The girl called her tinkling laughter disappearing. Back down the trail owe. Finally we can work in peace. Fabiana said they worked in silence for a minute. Well it was a good cackle. Brune fell just said. Finally whatever you say bruni said salah andhra and then they all cackled back at the village beanie was in a bit of trouble.

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