Alan Wallace: Solitude and Resilience

The Wisdom Podcast


So much contempt. Whether in buddhism christianity or any other tradition is about how to in a way the very nine lever benevolently how to empower the individual how to empower when his own mind and not feel a victim of circumstances which on occasion we're bound to do and so many of us are experiencing enforced isolation liscensing things which were all very familiar. And it's very easy to say. Well i wish happening. Feeling that one is a victim of pan-demic the economic challenges going and and how can with this as if coping is the best thing. We can do But i was suggest that we can just shift or refrain the entire situation and see this time of solitude isolation's on punishment quarantine sounds like punishment that solitude. It's it's an open term. It could be something that we go out of our way to cultivate To be and so to see this as an opportunity for reassessing our lives kind of world. We live in our values our priorities since we can't maintain the status quo because of external circumstances. So i look at this pandemic that has been active now for what eight months or so and i see. This is something very transient. Sooner or later they will come up with the wrecks. Sooner or later will subside could to be eternal but it's something that's covering over much deeper issues that have been going on for decades and decades and decades and this how we which include myself in this as a person who until this you're flying a lot driving are using electric how we have been maltreating. One say how we've been ravishing or harming. Our natural environment are ecosphere

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