A highlight from Texas Hold Em (with Al Franken)


Hey pull up a chair. Attacks on tap with david. Axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy added but that was also a love fest between the police capital police and the people that walked down to the capital soap. I think it's gotta oil come out but you have to find out and you can do it. Perhaps better than most. And i think i know the but who shot ashley babbitt. And why are they holding that information back. He's run but we can't hide from the crazy from that voice in a whole new conspiracy theory of apparently The the people who tried to storm the capital redcoats style. Were the heroes in this course. The heroic police that were though as evil. It is unbelievable. My friend they weren't storming the capital. It was a it was a Festival of love. Yeah that's true was involvement. We who we missed that so What are we have today. Why don't you have a guy who can untangle this whole crazy mass and many others For us because he's good enough smart enough and doggone it we like him sarah. Al franken joins us today. Senator ehlmann oria brother You know the guy with the camp auschwitz shirt he It used to be in this country. Like when i i was born in nineteen fifty one. That was just early. Post world war two We very anti nazi then. And if you were not see you just kept that to yourself but evidently not so much anymore wells the former president would say they know how to build an autobahn. You know you gotta respect construction very relativistic view. Well that was actually. Are you talking about eisenhower. Because that was a good thought the guy had an auschwitz shirt on. Alpay had flowers in his hand. Apparently we didn't see them but that's In the retelling of this so dallas became fantasy island this week. C-pack invaded there in which the recasting of the insurrection took place and the man himself made an appearance and murphy like what you read into the fact that they did a presidential poll and he had seventy percent of the vote yet. You know the that poll is so bent that you know the ghost is some year old paths in. Chicago would be embarrassed but there wasn't indicator in it. Governor mantis is now on the radar of world and because he came in second twenty two or whatever it was and if you took trump off the ballot he came in higher. Now it's not real sake. Yeah and it's a kook fast but it's still an early indicated that he's kind of the other guy now so i predict of course trump turn on him in about a week With kind of the stalin rules that trump operates under but that was telling that he's kind of broken through into that world yet but So just just spin. Me certainly wasn't for want of trying. I mean true. He's done everything he could to do that. But before we leave trump do you think he i mean he seemed to indicate that he is running. Do you believe that. Because he's usually a one thing about trump is his about as subtle as far as spacesuit when he basically does what he says. He's gonna do. I think what. He likes. The microphones in the control of the debate. So i think he's always going to say he's going to run like you used to say. I'll pay my debts. You know people hire I i'm still far from convinced. In the end he'll run but don't make it look like he's running. He'll do an explorer. He'll tease this endlessly. But in the end. I think he's afraid to lose. He has said that he made. He's made his decision. Yes they won't say what it is. Why says he won't say what it is because of Because it triggers some federal election rules. I mean i think he thinks he's going to run. You know i really do think he. He thinks he's gonna run any sitting there with an eighty three percent approval rating among republicans. Mike yeah but you and i disagree about this forever and only time. We'll we'll show. I can't get enough of it. Well yeah but it. We're both in confirmation bubbles. I don't want the oceans to boil in america and is a democracy so it's hard for me to imagine him running in winning. Though i can see a path you i think on one hand dread him for the same reasons barrier handed is kind of reinforcing liberal. The thank god we have a clown to run against And maybe we'll be able to beat them again. And we're a bunch of political victories for free. I think you'll act like he's running. I think he'll squawk like he's running. I think he'll tease it. But in the end. I'm still dubious and on the on that number. Yeah he's got a high favorable but even on the latest. I think it was late. April early may nbc news. You know the garin hart in west paul. They they ask a question about do you think are you more. What do you mostly support. The republican party or donald trump that number used to be plus twenty trump. Now it's minus seven plus seven republican party so that trump thing under the surface is declining a bit. Now that said he jumps in. He's still the front runner etcetera etcetera still trump. But this is this drastic park to the i. Just don't believe the chokehold theory yet. And i think he's gonna declined but we know that needs time and stuff to happen to know who's right. I do not want the guy to run not only morally athletically. It is comforting thought. Just a mental health. We run a lunatic idiot. That would be now. But i mean if i were d- yes. Fascism is unappealing to me. i grant you that. So i'm i'm not I'm not for that. What about disentis. you said. He's been trying to run what you read of him as an inexperienced observer of politicians. Well i i have to say that. I don't totally understand the republican party electric. I guess i'm nearly one I so you know. I understand his appeal which was It was as much denial about what. Kobe was as Any governor it seemed and which suggests these in my mind that a lot of people are dead because of him. So yeah. I think that probably. He's very popular in the republican party. It's funny you should say that we should just roll this little bit of tape. This was interesting though about. It was an indication of the fact that the senate has made some progress kristi nome. The governor's south coach. Probably the most retrograde of any one on the virus spoke at that At the fantasy island thing down there. And here's which you said. We talk about rewriting history. Let's talk about rewriting history. We've got republican governors across this country pretending they didn't shut down there states that they didn't close their beaches that they didn't mandate masks that they didn't niche issues shelter in places now. I'm not picking fights with republican governors. All i'm saying is that we need leaders with grit that their first instinct is to make the right decision that they don't backtrack and try to fool you into the fact that they never made the wrong decision so there you go the first indication that you're doing well as people start shooting at you and she did. He was too moderate on the virus l. That's the problem. Sheila's south dakota per capita. I believe at either. Got worse or yeah. Yeah yeah and you know there. Were i remember a cnn report. Where a nurse doc. About treating people who as they were dying of covert denied the existence. Coat all this. Denial covert all this Anti bax talk about against the vaccine tucker. Carlson fox's doing is extremely tragic and you know. I found she said i know a couple of days ago. Ninety nine percent of people who died in the last months were not had note. We're not back that at all had not had even one and that tells you a lot the sit in have to be as bad as it was. We were in the lead on deaths and we held that lead all the way throughout Other countries did so much better than we did and they did the things that every you know the foul she said you're we should do. They wore masks. They socially distanced stay. They tested early and isolated people if they

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