The Case for Alternative Medicine With Dr. Andrew Weil


What goes on in your mind. Really determines shapes your experience of the external world and i've applied that very much in my work with patients because i is fine over and over again that the root causes of illness are often in the mental emotional sierran not in the physical body or they're they're in both but conventional medicine has so ignored that non-physical part of ourselves and i think that's a great limitation science and medicine and airport of the world poorly nominated by materialism. You know a philosophy that says that the only thing that's real is that which can be seen in touched and measure and that if you see a change in the physical system because has to be physical non-physical of physical events doesn't compute not allowed for. So you know in hypnosis. There's so many demonstrations like you can touch person with the finger and you have them believe. It's a piece of red hot metal. And if they're a translate. Get an actual blister. I mean that is non physical causations of a physical event. If you try to get a doctor to look at that or scientist oh it's just a curious thing it doesn't have any meaning to me. The essence of science as open minded observation. That's where you start.

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