Whether We Like It or Not, Jon Stewart Has a Lot of Credibility on the Other Side


Weird. We're not calling it the Panamanian Canal Zone virus. We're not calling it the Austin, Texas virus. There are bats all over Australia. They're not calling it the Sydney or sure they're not calling it the Bondi Beach virus. They're calling it to Wuhan virus from China. And yet, Colbert. Colbert can't stand that. And he acknowledges openly on his show laughs about it. Yeah, we're probably going to edit this out. I don't know when they stopped taping, but I wish they would have stopped taping a minute ago because I'm a leftist, then left this thing conservatives are people really bad people with ideas. And we even though you're not a conservative, you're saying things conservatives say when you say things conservatives say that has to be crushed immediately. Folks. Political war is downstream from the culture war. Again. Jon Stewart's done some great things for cops and firemen. Sure his heart's in the right place there, but he's no friend to the conservative movement. He hasn't been for a long time. Done a lot of damage to strong conservative ideas. When these incidents happen, we need to highlight them. Because he has credibility on the other side. It pains me to tell you this that we simply don't have We are never going to break through unless ambassadors like this, whether they're taking up the mantle or not do the job some of the job for us

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