Rep. Sharice Davids: The First LGBTQ Native American in Congress



So in your children's book called assurances big voice in right that when you think about winning your first election one of the things you think about is. How amazing is that you won but also that you even tried to win. Can you talk about that second part. The fact that you even tried to win why that's amazing to you. I feel like i have a life experience. That's not necessarily unique being raised by single parent working. While i was in school there are quite a few of my experiences that i feel safer just not uncommon experiences but they certainly at least growing out probably shaped what i imagined. I would be doing as an adult. Or what scope of opportunities or abilities were. It just didn't ever crossed my mind. That i might one day be running for congress. I mean you mentioned your education. I've a question about that. Actually you went to cornell for law school but before that you attended haskell indian nations university university of kansas johnson county community college and the university of missouri. Kansas city was trying to figure out like what you wanted to do. Was that financial. Like explain all those undergrads. It was a combination of all those things i think. Definitely some of it was financial. Johnson county community colleges one of the best community colleges in the country and says very fortunate to be living in the place. Where john's county community college at haskell indian nations university is in addition to the to the cost. It doesn't cost that much to go there but the experience of going to school with other native folks was very appealing to me and then some of it was that i just didn't know what i wanted to do. I feel like it was a combination of all of those things. I mean many part of your identity makes you stand out in congress. But i also have to assume that not. Many people have community college on their resume in congress. Yeah i think there's more now than there's ever been before. I remember talking to john hayes about it. I'm fairly certain that john hayes who you know before she came to congress was the teacher of the year at one point. I'm pretty sure that she went to community college as well

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