Pulling Back the Curtain on the Female Orgasm


Briefly go over some issues women face when it comes to difficulty orgasm. We've discussed before psychological issues like low self esteem poor body image or something like anxiety or an eating disorder at can affect sexual performance ability to orgasm. There are medical issues. Like denia niceness and difficulty producing lubrication to name a few a at twenty t analysis identified some top factors in sexual dysfunction relationship problems stress mental health issues. Poor physical health. Genetic urinary issues. Such as pelvic pain a history of abortion a history of female genital mutilation sexual abuse being religious. Perhaps due to sexual shame and stigma so the nelson's found that things like communication positive body image exercise. Masturbation can help improve sexual dysfunction. Some people experience depression sadness shame irritability crying self-loathing etc after orgasm achieved consensual pleasurable sex things. Like post-coital trustees or coil destroyer. Some studies suggest over half of women have experienced post-coital foia or cd at least once in a recent survey found that it often is linked more to one realistic expectations than underlying medical condition. Yes And this is kind of related to the petite more or the little death which is used to describe the unconsciousness people. Some people experience after orgasmic. Likening it to death and something. I've just learned about an experience and foolishly did an experiment to test for research for this episode and it took me out a whole day are sex are orgasm but overall i am so these intense headaches that occurred during or after sexual arousal. They can be short-lived or lasts a few hours a couple of days about three days. They're pretty rare and men are more likely to experience them than women. If you are someone who suffers from migraines you're more likely to experience them as well. There are two types orgasmic headache. Which is intense throbbing pain during her after orgasm or sexual benign headaches. Which are these headaches. That build during sexual arousal the kinda guy come from the and then go up some experience both at once and they can be A one time thing or happening clusters of risk six. Twelve month period. Some people have said they're around for life They happen because of muscle contractions and or a spike in blood

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