A highlight from Mark Bell's Saturday School EP. 33 - Reasonable Road Map To Losing Weight


We are rolling. yo. I got some Ultra watermelon monster and dumped in the mango chilli. No salt. there's no one from element and it's Is don't man has got a kick to it. It's got you know. I didn't dump the whole packet in there. I'm not a mad man. I'd be good but anybody. That's going to try something like that. Be careful because he get a lot of phase coming your way. Oh shit that's right. Yeah started bubbling over this cup. That i have here which is Also an element cup fantasy salty. You won't. that's an awesome. Yeah let's see. I did it in sparkling water and totally underestimated the so. I was like shot gunning element electrolyte. So the only thing you can do is suck it down To get your lips on their wine. I get a.

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