The Kids Will Have Their Say in New Podcast



Sherri occa- is a reporter at the cbc and canada. She created and produces mic drop. It's a podcast that was recently nominated for a peabody award mic drop features first person stories from young people. It's not from a point of view of explaining to grownups. It's just a point of view of expressing my story. My reality my world. It's not answering an adult's questions. This is my job i. It's about us stories in what we've been through still going through without any adult interruptions as lake. Fools drop in five core three to drop the mic. I've never held mike before and this feels good. Actually that's how each episode of mic drp opens about three dozen teens and tweens have told stories on the show since it started in two thousand eighteen mostly kids from canada but some from the us as well. This is a short clip from talia story. People draw swastikas on everything on my desk. My books on like someone drew on a test. When i was like looking at juwan tesla had test in and the teacher was like what is this and i was disaster. I do find that swastikas just literally the halls school. It's a real issue. When i see all these things. It's really discouraging. Because you know it's definitely creating an atmosphere at the school that As makes it clear that it's not a place for everyone and that's not a message that i know. The school wants to enforce or that many individuals in school went to enforce but it is kind of the culture that's been created and it's very difficult to have to get up and go five days a week to a place where you know. A lot of them really actually hate you.

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