The Journey of a Vaccine Pioneer and Her Olympian Daughter

ESPN Daily


Juliet is a wild time to be talking. You right now. You're in the middle of covering euro twenty twenty and event that had been delayed due to covid the olympics are also right on the horizon also thrown into flex by the coronavirus pandemic. But you have this documentary feature that. You've been preparing for east sixty. That feels like it sits at the center of this entire messy ven diagram. It is about sports it is about science it is about the pandemic and the olympics and one particular family. First of all pablo is a gift of a story. It's a reporter's dream julie. Foudy is an olympic and world cup champion with the us women's national team and now she's a soccer commentator and reporter for espn. You have a mom who is a scientist who has toiled for decades on something that she believes deeply in. And this technology that led to the pfizer and madonna vaccine. That's the scientific community. Took so long to understand. You have a daughter who's an athlete who doesn't realize her full potential until later in life and their combined journey and a willingness to grind it out in the best of ways and just figure it out along the way has literally changed the world and saved millions of lives

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