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All of them are gunshot wound victims right now we have four that are gunshot wound victims. The others have different types of injuries. Police Sergeant Brandon Sheppard says one of the shooting victims has died. They have arrested a suspect in Detroit. Two Children have been shot in the freeway shooting. Unfortunately one um, understanding one is, uh, this is sees a two year old. And a nine year old one is fighting now, Uh, the older child, a nine year old here, let's Detroit's interim police chief, James White, who says they have no suspects, but they do have a description of the car from which the shots were fired. Two key decisions from the Supreme Court Thursday one that leaves the affordable care act in place another upholding religious liberties. The justices ruled that several states the challenge to Obamacare did not have standing in the case. The other unanimously ruling against Philadelphia for excluding a Catholic agency from adoptions over its resistance to placing Children with same gender couples who ST Louis couple that armed themselves as protesters near their homes last summer, pleading guilty Thursday, Mark and Patricia McCloskey admitted to misdemeanor violations. At a hearing, Patricia pleaded guilty to harassment. She was fined $2000 Mark pleaded guilty to 1/4 degree assault charge. He was given a fine of $750. Neither will get jail time. But both agreed to surrender the weapons. They brandished as protesters passed their home. Those guns will be destroyed. A couple has since become popular figures in conservative circles, Mark McCloskey announced a month ago he would run as a Republican for the U. S Senate seat held by Republican Roy Blunt, who is not seeking reelection. Foxes GURNAL Scott America is listening to Fox News. Something. From the Fox News Podcasts Network. Stay on

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