Rep. Elise Stefanik Suggests Biden Infrastructure Proposal Leaves Our Defense Vulnerable


I guess Americans to know that the Russian nuclear Inventory about 88% of it has been modernized about. None of ours has been modernized under the Biden proposed massive multi trillion dollars $6 trillion budget. The defense budget really goes negative because he doesn't even give enough of an increase to cover existing expenses. Correct. That is correct. President Biden budget, which will bankrupt America is actually a cut to our national defense budget because it doesn't keep pace with inflation. This is a really big win that President Trump delivered. We were in the process of rebuilding our national defense. Our military readiness. This is something that I work on on the House Armed Services Committee. When it comes to nuclear modernization. Democrats in Congress are very much opposed to making the critical investments we need when it comes to nuclear modernization. Yet adversaries like Russia to your point mark have made those investments and Putin's top priority was to get that five year extension for the new start treaty. Biden gave it away. Without delivering anything back to the United States.

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