Bob Dylan Celebrates 80th Birthday


Robert allen zimmerman was born may twenty fourth. Nineteen one who you might ask in college. Zimmerman adopted a stage. Name bob dylan. He celebrates his eightieth birthday. Today brand is blowing in the way. In addition to musical chops the minnesota dylan became an artist writer producer and nobel prize laureate. He dropped out of college and moved to the big apple where his lyrical skill began to shine. He wrote blowing in the wind in just ten minutes and his song showed a deep complexity that caused the new york folks team to turn its gaze to the up and coming songwriter he told. Cbs is sixty minutes in two thousand and four that his creativity came from a wellspring surprised. Even him tro this there's a magic to that and it's not Siegfried and roy magic. You know it's a different kind of penetrating magic near fatal motorcycle. Accident in nineteen sixty six led to a long recovery the night shift in his music from folk to rock dylan reinvented himself over the years musically and religiously he grew up jewish then profess to conversion to evangelical christianity and nineteen seventy-nine. Then back to judaism again over the course of his sixty year career. He's been named many halls of fame and received many awards including a presidential medal of freedom. Tin grammys a golden globe and an academy award

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