A highlight from Part 1:Dave Grening,Marcus Hersh


Well i got here yesterday. And gary and i were having dinner and they were talking about the week and I pulled up the forecast for thursday friday saturday. It had showed nothing but cold miserable and raining. And actually it's moderated and saturday now showing a sunshine logo so at least at least we can look forward to saturday. I think the actually had the forecast. I've seen is actually pretty decent for the rest of the week and there's some there's a chance of some thunderstorms but there's also chance to not have thunderstorms so you say this weather forecast goes. There's a fifty percent chance of rain while i'm going to go with half glass half full nombre. That's you that. Mr positive that is so you and after this past weekend had enough of the rain unfortunately off the turf again at belmont for new york showcase big apple empire. Whatever they're calling it these days of course you. Those races are off the turf kingston and the mount vernon so. Unfortunately that's three straight days turf. Nothing you can do but the good news is certainly for the kinds of races. In fact coming up. Thursday friday saturday yesterday. They drew the thursday card including the wonder

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