Asynchronous Sales Communication With Darin Dawson



Welcome to the show. Thanks great to be back with you. Man it's good to see you. Yeah great to see you again. So i know there's probably not many folks who aren't familiar with bomb but just in case there's any. I'm sure there's plenty. Yeah so we're a platform that we enable human senator communication. We want you to be face to face more often than more people in the way we do that through video so it very simple free to create video send video through any medium. You might use whether it'd be email text messenger linked in social media things like that and you might think well. Don't those platforms already do that. Yes but We enable you to know what's going on on the other side of that communication so we focused most of our time on the recipient experience. And the how your recipient engages with this type of interaction. Did they watch it you know. Do they like it. Can we get more engagement from them. Can comment on it so You know subject just this one way kind of sending something in waiting and wondering maybe at some points depending where you're at in your career. Did they receive it did they. Do they care. We help you to understand that more. Yeah i mean this is sort of interesting idea never wants to call it a synchronous video usage. Here's a. I like to call video messaging just to keep it simple but i think that interesting. I saw them awake. What's happened in twenty twenty and People serve being fatigued by zoom. Wasn't so the effectiveness of videos. They're saying yeah. I i want to interact with with my buyer. Faleh used video but it doesn't need to be live right. I want them to see me. I think i even think that a lot of ways but even before the pandemic we we handcuff the best talents. Maybe of sales people of our customer success people of of maybe ourselves when we just send an email black tax screen and when we know that humans emote they. They have an operation right. I talk with my hands. You can see that if you're watching this the way we communicate often is more verbal than it is burger definitely written we lose even more and so bringing that back and when when i was removed from us absolute ability to be face to face at all. People found this as a way to kind of circumvent the problem but now i think they're finding it now more. It's becoming more of the norm

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