Discussing Defi With Brian Kerr of Kava Labs


As entrepreneurs. We know full. Well that we often start down a certain road and end up somewhere completely different and discovering that the things we learned on that path helped prepare us for where we are right now and i think that's probably the story of many of us as well as our guest brian. Kerr who's the ceo and co founder of cove labs. He got into crypto by way of e sports and now he is kind of a big deal. He's he's the chief cook and bottle washer kava which claims to be the most trusted defy platform by financial institutions. So we're gonna talk defy the entrepreneurial journey and other crypto blocked things brian. Welcome to bed. Crypto man really excited to be here. I'm a huge fan of your show. What what what brought you into How did you get into crypto via e sports. That's what i wanna know my good friend. Alex was a he. He built the largest russian e sports organization called nabi native sincerity and he started a project de market. Along with this other guy vlad Out of natwest the first decentralized marketplace video game items as early a theory my ceo shortly after came lax and smother platforms but the market was the first on the scenes in the space in. They said hey. Brian you're doing gaming stuff you're in the us you're based in silicon valley. We want some help and advice for how we take. This platform market Adviser and i really watched them take that from our point to production in just number of weeks. They raised twenty million dollars. It was just like mind. Boggling to me. I built a company with Unreal products than work. My buns off and million dollars was no easy feat for me on the they did with a powerpoint presentation this drifta industry. So just i that gave me the electric shocks. That told me. I had to look at watching technology and see what's going on here because it was definitely nothing like i had ever seen before.

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