Birdy on New Album 'Young Heart'


Thanks for being with us. We're really happy to ask you about young carts. Very solid sessoms. We thought thank you. It's nice when you can hear the chords in the melody. It's not just a load of production. You know yeah. It's that kind of returned to my roots of it. Can on the darker got really dramatic and then come back to my reads but this one and it seems like you've gone into more personal direction with this one. Then you have before. Would you agree with that. I think this is the fast one pretty conflict dubbed into my experiences and things say young on the other albums. i didn't really have up to write about. This is definitely the most passing so far. And you spend some time up in nashville didn't you. yeah. I spent a lot of time writing london at the beginning. Which didn't really go to our. I think it was really ready to be writing. Had two quite bad right spoke at the beginning about my relationship ended at the beginning regretted to write about it. So as in lots of sessions an china make it work. And i had that survey is i think i just need some time and also i've been working since can fourteen an album of the album and touring. I think i just needed like a break. Becky garo kind of lucky gap. Guess faster to endure. And how backstory months there with my sister. My cousin i was kind of just like wanted. Forget about everything and not worry about anymore. Which did me a lot of good. And then i came back and got really inspired by jd. Mitchell for the first time because it never got into it for some reason. I had it but they hadn't gotten into. Maybe it was heartbreak which is my age and so if that like actually was the fast place to go because it took on this. Kind of like laurel canyon can feel and so i got over success. I was feeling really good about the album. The and then to nashville to dismiss him because it just felt like it was a real kind of songwriter. You covered the stories to be ready. Beach the inflect with some writers and is really amazing. Everyone plays every instrument such a higher standard. I felt really another this amazing.

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