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The calendars getting ready to turn to june. Which makes the possibility of julio trains jill. Julio jones street that much more feasible from cap perspective so while jones is one of the falcons best players in franchise history trade is feeling more eventual by the day. Jones recently told shannon sharpe one undisputed. I'm outta here. The latest indication. He'll be on the move. The question most teams are likely asked him with trading for. Julio jones is how much can we get out of a thirty two year old wide receiver. Well recent history as shown anything there have been only six players to record a one thousand yard receiving season after turning the age. Thirty two over the past and sees as we say a lotta rain fell this friday. We've got me guys we've got ryan clark. Agip darlington i am field. Yates it's been the story of the week and it continues to dominate the headlines. What are the what are teams realistically getting a thirty two year old. Julio jones tell they're getting one of the best wide receivers in the nfl right now. I'm kind of confused why people are talking about. Julio jones like he's julio iglesias is still dominant and i saw that sad about wide receivers declining as they get older. But while that might be true. If you're trading julio jones you're not trading for years and years of production your trading because you want to win a super bowl in the present tense and in the present tense if julio jones's healthy when he was healthy last year when he did play he was still dominant he still had all the qualities that have made him one of the best wide receivers in the nfl. Ever the speed separation. The route running the ability to be press the hands. He is amazing and again. A really depends on the destination. Because i think it makes more sense for some teams than others. But if you want to win you want. Julio jones ableson. I don't know much about julio inglesias. I know about a rebate in glaciers but i do know about who live next to france effort in lamont. And that julio could fix anything and that's what we're looking for joan right you want somebody that could come in and win now. Julio jones is a building block for the future so what you have to truly look at it. Okay are re one great wide receiver away from contending right now. You don't make this move to be in the middle of the pack. You don't make this move to help a young quarterback on a struggling team if you go get julio jones it's because you believe having him on your team puts you playing in the championship in los angeles in the second sunday. The first sunday of february. I think mean enron and these are both great points really when we look at this situation. Like even the falcons understand. Julio jones is worth a lot maybe not the twenty three million dollar tap it that there are up against this season clearly. Not because they are redel unload him but they recognize his talent and hence the reason they're trying to get as much value as they can and that value continues to increase. We do have multiple teams that are interested in acquiring him. Certainly when i talked to people around the league there is concern whether it's enough concern to merit maybe not giving up a first round pick instead maybe giving up a second for a guy who has missed a lot of practice this last season for instance dealing with the hamstring injury. He's had some foot issues in the past. So it's it's not that anybody doesn't recognize that he is clearly still dominant. He is and he can absolutely be not only a major contributor for a super bowl winning team but an absolute star the bigger question here of course is. Are you willing to give out say a first round. Pick for a guy that does come with some question and of course also comes with a massive paycheck behind his name so meena factoring in salary likely draft composition going to atlanta. He's not a fit for all thirty one team. But who might be on your short list of teams that are potentially a julio jones trade away from being a real super bowl contender well. The salary goes field this year. It's fifteen million dollars for the team. That acquires but after that. It's actually pretty affordable eleven million dollars zooming. He doesn't want an extension teams. I would throw out the ravens. I know that they drafted a couple of wide receivers and added sammy watkins. But heaven knows they could use another one that's a very good roster and then going to the nfc the packers anyone. I like if you wanna get aaron rodgers. come back. here's one way to sell it to him. And i'm just imagine a look at this. Imagine julio jones devante adams on the field at the same time that is a terrifying proposition. Nobody wants to deal with that. And that would be excited to me. This would also be something. I would at least make arises look at his fiancee and say you know what maybe we need to leave. Hawaii might use of. We're going to take more pictures of me in my swimsuit if you have. Julio jones devante adams obviously the run game with aaron in the backfield and improving defensively. This is a team who i guess. If you look at other teams that have contended of the teams that need to add a weapon. Not necessarily just the lakers score. Because they were good offense just to make their quarterback feel good just to make the fans for like you know what we are actually trying to do something special. Go get julio. Jones make it having fly out to hawaii. It'll be a great vacation anyway and now at union could be oh miles teller twitter feed along with feel yanked i think is homeboy. Fantasy league field. You gotta you gotta tell us more about that. The fact that you're in a fantasy with them We're calling you right now on eight by the way when you talk about rogers with the ultimate irony that aaron rodgers traded and then the packers acquire julio jones and make it exactly the way that they should have made it before they had to go through. This dropped rogers and by the way. It's not that unrealistic. To think about because aaron just told kenny mayne that look it's about culture. It's about treating people certain way it's all those things you would think to choir. Julio jones might fix some of that but this is a guy in aaron rodgers who certainly knows how to put his feet on the ground what has conviction about something so i'm not so sure that is even enough. I understand pretty wild. So you guys kind of blew up my spot. The dipper three miles. And is i get paid to see football. Miles just beats me. Despite the fact that he does not get paid to do other tennessee. Put miles Jeff be careful now. Miles is excellent on twitter and he got everybody wondering what he met with this. Recent tweet writing quote cheers to signing with the packers at least got a laugh out of packers. All pro left tackle david. Dra who literally responded with a couple of crying slash laughing emojis thinking to step back from twitter. Meena where you are the twitter queen i on my mention who has situation. Aaron rodgers the packers. Well it depends on whether aaron rodgers actually willing to sit out of season because ultimately that is the leverage that any player has a whole doubt. And it's why it happens so rarely because so few players are actually willing to do it. We don't know what the answers rogers. It's a little bit different with him. Versus some other players safaris. The incredible careers already

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